Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Taxi of the Future (It might happen)

Written by: Redyam

One thing that politicians realised early on was that the current system of transport for the country was a mess, and needed dramatic change.
The rapid advancement of computers and Artificial Intelligence over the last few decades meant that a new form of computer controlled transport could be developed and would be far more efficient than the human controlled cars of the late 20th century.
The original concept of owning your own car had all but been disappeared, instead having been replaced with an A.I. controlled 'taxi' service for every individual.
One would arrange for a taxi via an internet-like control centre installed in every house and within a few minutes a pod would be available. Then the user inputs a destination into the transport pod, and they would be whisked away automatically.
Instead of using the old over-ground network of roads and motorways, the pods would instead move about underground using a network of tunnels. Using recent advancements in electricity and magnetism, the pod would be able to glide through the tunnels effortlessly, quickly and efficiently, only rising above the ground once the destination is reached.
The computer controlled A.I. of the system would ensure that any problems would immediately be dealt with, giving a smooth ride.
Even though the expense of the system was tremendous, the benefit of virtually eliminating noise or air pollution, road accidents and congestion was great.
The system also gave a shot in the arm to Britain's economy, rapidly accelerating the country's GDP which has come to a standstill in recent years due to congestion.
All the existing roads over the ground were turned into grassy areas and cycle lanes, and the damage caused to the earth’s ozone layer was dramatically reduced.

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